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's go to ramin. he's at the tokyo stock exchange. a bit of a boost from the weekly jobless claim figure but some concern in the tech sector to watch out for as well. >> you mentioned some record closing highs for the dow. however, we did hear an industry report in the u.s. which said pc shipments globally plunged 14% in the first three months of 2013. we'll have to watch out for tech sector shares as well. let's look at the opening levels for april 12th, friday here in tokyo. both indexes trading lowing in the first few minutes of trading. let's remind viewers that the nikkei did close above 13,500 yet. despite talks among investors we have yet to see science igns of off. there's a bit more faith into japanese shares. we've seen the yen weaken even further falling and approaching that hundred yen level against the dollar. meanwhile the drop in pc sales may be of concern especially we saw shares in the likes of hewlett-packard. >> ramin, with regard to the yen, we were approached that psychologically crucial 100 yen level a few times but each time backed off. where are we now? >> a coupl
are trading, let's go to ramin standing by at the tokyo stock exchange. good morning! good results from apple and how about the overall data and how are tokyo stocks acting. >> despite that flash crash, a lot of folks really focusing on apple's numbers you touched on there. they seemed to take it positively in after-hours trading, it was trading around 3% at one stage. let's have a look at opening levels for tokyo april 24th this the positive. 14,074 for the nikkei and 1,156 for the topix. we should be on the lookout for components for apple products showing smartphones and tablet devices are out-pacing pcs as a product of choice for many who want to use the web. yahoo! japan for instance has already started taking steps to introduce smartphone ready online stores ahead of pc websites. so that's a trend that we really should be watching out for. we should also keep an eye out for financials, after u.s. stocks gains in the likes of bank america and jpmorgan led the indexes higher there. also, we had economic data. new home sales rose by 1.5% from last month. that also helped boost sentiment as
. for more on how stocks here in japan are trading this more than let's go to ramin at the tokyo stock exchange. >> a little bit of deflation going on among investors because with earn x eectaons either not being in line and also forecasts coming up a little bit short as well. key data that we've had in the u.s. also pointing to slower growth. we just had the durable goods orders in the u.s. which fell 5.7% in march. let's see how all of that is translating into the opening levels for thursday april 25th here in tokyo. both indexes in the positive. 1,5 f t topix. as the data fell short that meant the dollar also fell after yet again coming closer to that yen level on wednesday. as much as the bank of japan's measures have taken hold markets looking at u.s. economic data as the key driver. further signs of slowing growth do come around especially with the gdp numbers due out tomorrow dollar.uld keep pressure on the there's also concern about slowing growth in europe and china after data in those show as well. that may weigh on sentiment here in japan as well. key exporters rely on deman
by strong housing data. the dow was up .7%. for more on how stocks in tokyo are trading let's go to ramin at the tokyo stock exchange. good morning there. monday was a public holiday here so we're playing catch up. we've had some key data this morning. >> yes, some key data you mentioned. a lot of data out this morning. let me touch on industria production. that's the fourth straight month of gains for industrial production or output. we'll see how that plays into the market. let's have a look at the opening levels for this last trading day of the month, tuesday april 30th. a bit of a mixed opening. the topix up in the positive up almost .5 of a percent. it was the best performing indexes in this region despite a bit of a pull back we saw in the doll after investors had really been expecting that break above the key yen level. with earnings in full swing in japan and some economic data in the u.s. china and europe pointing to slowing growth, it has led to some investors just questioning global economic conditions for now. we're seeing some of those concerns reflected in the weaker dollar
by the boj. the dow jones closed at 14,606 up. let's go to ramin at the tokyo stock exchange. the boj took out all the stops yesterday. we saw a positive reaction in the markets. are we seeing that momentum continue this friday morning? >> what a reaction indeed and debut for bank of japan chief. he announced pressures that not only met market players expectations but in some cases exceeded them. let's have a look at the opening levels for today. we can really see a strong positive reaction. 13,1 13,171. topix up 4%. that's the first time we're above 13,000 since august 29, 2008. the boj has not done enough in its main mission. that was then. let me just remind viewers about the shift in the markets yesterday that before the boj announcement went through we saw a 559 point swing from the low of yesterday to the end of the high of yesterday's session on thursday. now let's have a shift to currencies as well. dollar/yen 96.48 to 50. thursday traders really originally betting the yen had weakened enough leading up to that meeting but the actions of the bank of japan proved them different. let
be just as cutthroat as corporate america. dennis quaid, the director ramin, thank you, ramin, thank you, dennis. you didn't know i was out there watching. >> you, too. >> thank you. let me ask you about this -- it's almost like roller derby. the job of the farmer is to screw other farmer to get more land. >> this is not your typical farm movie for sure. wall street has come to the heartland of america. the only thing missing are the skyscrapers. the family farm is disappearing in this country and it's become -- it's pitting neighbor against neighbor because the motto is expand or die, get it or get out. henry wipple is involved in this system and has been corrupted by it in a sense. and it's -- he -- the character is based solely on chasing the american dream and becoming corrupt by that and it's a weight that he gives this exterior of a very sure confident person but there's a lot of self-loathing that goes on inside him. >> ramin, what is this about the american -- the farmer, it's like the small single screen movie theater has a hard time, right? >> yeah. >> is that going on in iowa
rose slightly on thursday. for more on how stocks are trading let's go to ramin who is standing by at the tokyo stock exchange. good morning. investors are closely following the report but can you tell us a little bit about a few economic figures. >> very good morning. we had consumer price index coming out just before the nikkei and the topix open this morning. consumer prices in japan excludesing volatile food prices fell marking a fifth straight monthly drop compared to a year ago. that's an important factor right there. l let's have a look at the opening levels for friday. both indexes in the positive. we're approaching that 14,000 leve if we break above that it will be the highest level since june 2008. the bank of japan will release report on price trends for the upcoming two-year period. bank of japan governor will give a meeting later today. japanese prices have ended higher. investors still looking to continue to buy exporters despite some of the earnings results which were weaker than consensus. i'm talking about canon and nintendo. some big names released yesterday af
. to see how stocks in japan are trading let's go to ramin. good morning. a bit of hesitation in markets here in japan and the u.s. >> a couple of key events this week and the bank of japan policy board meets on wednesday. both could dictate where dollar/yen trades in the days to come. let's have a look at the opening levels for today. we're seeing both indexes trading lower considerably. the nikkei down 2.3% and the top topix down 2.5%. we're weaker than what many had expected. some of the marketplace also warning that if the bank of japan policy meeting fails to inspire and if the u.s. jobs data falls short of expectations then stocks could take a bit of a hate especially with indexes just as the nikkei and the s&p 500 have been hitting highs. there's a bit of a concern. the nikkei has been down over 300 points in the first few minutes of trading. we could be seeing that slide correction right now in fact. we've also seen the yen regaining strength ahead of bank of japan meeting. that's also going to be very closely watched. >> seems like u.s. manufacturing data not helping the dollar
. the dow jones closed at 14,550. for more on how stocks are trading here in tokyo let's go to ramin. he's at the tokyo stock exchange. investors are focusing more on the boj in the u.s. how are stocks trading? >> markets focused on the bank of japan policy meeting later today. markets have literally been buying into the aggressive talk of boosting growth here in japan, achieving the 2% inflation goal set by prime minister abe. today we're going to see what exact measures the central bank may take. let's have a look at the opening levels for april 4th here in tokyo. both indexes trading lower. the nikkei down by 2% and the topix down by 1.6%. in addition to the jobs numbers that you're talking about we also saw a decline in nonmanufacturing ism data. to say we have had a volatile week ahead of the boj meeting would be an understatement. the nikkei had seen a 579-point swing between the low and high this week. that's a big move. the markets seem to be placing bets on whether the bank of japan will disappoint or surprise the markets. >> a lot seems to have been priced in it. also the adp p
. the dow jones industrial average closed. for more on how is to bes here are trading, let's go to ramin who is at the tokyo stock exchange. hello. assignments inv it seems investors are shifting focus. >> investigators have been cheering by the measures taken by the bank of japan. now the focus is on how that will benefit cooperations. let's have a look at opening levels for april 9th, tuesday here in japan. both indexes trading in the positive in the first new minutes of trading here. just to recap for our viewers. on monday let's not forget the bank of japan decided to buy $12 billion worth of japanese government bonds and that's the largest amount it's ever done at once. that was a big move in the markets yesterday. despite the move, despite the fact the bank of japan has just only started implementing the measures to boost japan's economy the nikkei has been powering ahead already. we've seen a weakening trend. that's really enough time for a lot of moves to have trickled down into the earnings reports for a lot of exporters and banks and other key sectors. we'll be looking out for that
ended up 59 points. for more on how stocks are trading let's go to ramin. earnings are a big focus but the minutes of the federal reserve seem to have grabbed the investors attention. >> very good morning. that's been a focus, earnings. let's go to the opening levels first for april 11th here in tokyo. both indexes in the positive. 13,4 13,465. let's see if we can approach that. pretty positive start. the hopes are that earnings will show an improvement in the u.s. for companies and also corporate outlook and guidance will determine whether we will break higher or whether stocks might falter a touch. the minutes show some officials were open to the idea of scaling back the bond buying program if the jobs picture warranted it this year. that will be interesting to see the jobs picture in the u.s. measures taken so far will have ample staying power. the focus is when yen may break above the 100 yen level. >> where do we stand now? must be very close. >> very close indeed. the closest was around 99.85. it's bounced back just a touch. 99.67 to 72 as you can see. we saw a slight correct
fell 78 points. 3,216. for more on how stocks here are trading let's go to ramin. he's at the tokyo stock exchange. tokyo traders waking up to some unfortunate news this morning. how is the markets over there looking? >> a lot of focus on the explosions in boston and u.s. markets did take a tumbles. concerns about the global economic outlook as well. let's go straight to the opening levels for tokyo for the nikkei and the topix for april 16th, this tuesday. both indexes in the negative following on from the u.s. markets. 13,054 for the nikkei. topix down just under 2%. we saw a sharp decline on monday following the worst than expected gdp data out of china. it's caused investors to shift funds back into what they consider safer assets. one of them being the yen. we have seen some fluctuations in the u.s. financial markets keeping a very close eye on gold. the price of gold had its biggest one day drop falling around 9%. you can see the graph there and the figures coming up to a two year low on monday. that's due to fears over the sale of the precious metal by central bank. also inte
at 14,756, up more than 1%. the tech heavy nasdaq was up 1.5% at 3 thinks3,264. now to ramin at the new york stock exchange. it got a sharp downgrade and how's the u.s. trading? >> we did get a bit of a boost and the u.s. economic data was supportive. housing starts jumping 7% in march. industrial production also rose and consumer price index or inflationary numbers fell. gold also jumped 2% and earnings results from the likes of coca-cola and johnson & johnson also boosted sentiment. you would think all of that would result in a positive start to tokyo. let's have a look at the levels. both indexes are in this positive. almost up 1% for the nikkei and the topics is up 1% as well. the nikkei ended lower yesterday, to remind viewers but did rebound quite a bit towards the close as we saw the yen reversing earlier gains on the dollar and continue over its weakening course and boosted stocks and we're seeing continuation helped by the u.s. market. we will watch closely for further indications. investors may be wary making further moves ahead of that g-20 meeting later this week as the yen'
ended up 14,618. down more than .9 of a percent. for more on how stocks are trading, let's go to ramin at the tokyo stock exchange. seems like we're having a bald week with stocks up and down every day. >> it does seem that way. we had housing data on tuesday that rose and now we see the likes of bank of america and some of the major tech suppliers coming out with weak numbers and forecast this which pulled down the key indexes as well. let's look at how that is translating into the opening levels for today, thursday, april 18th here. both indexes in thenegative. 1347 down one 1% the nikkei. down 1,125 for the topix. the nikkei rebounded on wednesday. the focus today may shift to financial and tech related shares especially as shares of apple fell in relation to one of the suppliers on its outlook sighting in ipad shipments. we're going to being looking out for component suppliers here in japan that make a lot of parts that go into products such as tablets and smart phones of which apple makes many of those as well. we keep track of that sector as well. >> kicking off later today the g
are trading let's go to ramin at the tokyo stock exchange. there's some negative spilling over. what is expected? >> markets are really focusing on what may come out of that g-20 meeting. let's have a look at how the markets here are opening this friday, april 19th. both indexes in the positive. 13,263 for the nikkei. the nikkei ended lower on thursday and so far it's down on the wheat. it may give direction as we heard that ibm's earnings fell for the last quarter highlighting the fall. microsoft and google beat some estimates. that may also give some direction about the outlook for the u.s. economy. earnings and economic data there, a little bit of a focus as well. >> the g-20 is a meeting of international financial leaders. a lot of focus on currency moves. gives us an up dadate on where are now? >> let's have a look at it right now this friday morning as tokyo stocks kick off here. 98.24 to 25. it hasn't shifted that much but hasn't treatedoo much either. compared to monday when it dipped to 95 yen levels, if you remember. as you mentioned about the g-20, a lot of focus will be o
to ramin. how are stocks starting off this tuesday? >> very good morning to you. really earnings was a bit of a focus and earnings from the likes of texas instruments as well as caterpillar boosted sentiment in the u.s. markets. we saw gains in energy and commodity related shares and prices as well. they were some of the best performers on the dow. let's have a look at the opening levels. both indexes in the negative. 13,537 for the nikkei and 1,143 kicking off for the topix. investors in tokyo should be look out for shares in the tech sector after caterpillar rose 3%. executives at the firm said that demand would pick up in china as well as emerging markets. housing data in the u.s. also weighed down touch on the dollar and that's after existing home sales fell in march. that also put a halt to any further advances in the dollar yen up to that elusive 100 yen level that everyone has been looking out for. >> haven't seen that level yet. maybe investors waiting for further data or words from the upcoming boj meeting this week. >> exactly. fundamental news and central bank news may be one fo
Search Results 0 to 24 of about 25 (some duplicates have been removed)